What does the green certified badge mean?

Some people prefer to choose an energy supplier that is environmentally conscious in the way they operate and supply their energy.  The ‘Certified Green Energy’ label is one simple way of knowing if an energy supplier can support their environmental claims.  The label is awarded by the Green Energy Supply Certification Scheme which is run by a panel of independent experts and supported by Ofgem.  The scheme is governed by the Green Supply Guidelines, published by Ofgem in February 2009.  By purchasing an energy tariff that has been awarded the Certified Green Energy label, you can be confident that:

  • You are buying electricity that is matched with a renewable source
  • The energy supplier is delivering additional environmental benefits
  • The tariff has been audited by an independent 3rd party

You can find out more about how the ‘Certified Green Energy’ label and the Energy Supply Certification Scheme works click on their website:


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