What will happen after I switch?

Once you confirm your switch we will send you an automated email to confirm your switch details and send your chosen supplier your switch application. The new supplier will then review it and liaise directly with your old supplier to agree on a switch date. This means that your energy supply will not be interrupted, and you will not pay two suppliers at the same time.

You will receive a ‘welcome pack’ from your new supplier, with your contract and terms and conditions. They will let you know the switch date and ask you to take meter readings to open your account.

The same meter readings will be sent to your old supplier to close your old account at which time you will be sent your final bill to close your account. Once you have received your bill you must ensure it is paid in full.  If paying via direct debit we also recommend that you cancel the arrangement via your bank account to ensure no further payments are taken. 

Remember if you change your mind you will have a minimum of 14 days from confirming your switch (some suppliers offer longer) to cancel.

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