How does this service work?

Our aim is to lower your bills. To help you get there the service divides into 5 quick and easy steps:

Step 1. Answer a few questions to let us know what type of energy you use and who your current energy supplier is.

Step 2. Tell us how much your current bill is so we can show you cheaper tariffs.

Step 3. Choose a new tariff to lower your bills and click ‘switch now’.

Step 4. You will see all the information about this tariff and the detail of how we calculated your new bill. If you’re happy with your choice click ‘switch now’ again.

Step 5. Complete a form with details about you, your property and bank account if you are planning to pay by direct debit. We’ll send this to your new Supplier and they will get you switched over as soon as possible. The process is safe and secure and your data will not be sent until you click on ‘confirm your switch’.

And that’s it! Your new supplier will liaise with your old one to arrange the switch date and cancel your previous account. At some point you will be asked to take and submit a meter reading and then all you’ll have to do is wait for your old supplier’s final bill (and pay it of course). It is really as simple as it sounds.

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