How do you make money since this service is free?

The comparison and switching service we offer is free for you to use and you will never be charged by us.  The way we make money is via a small commission payment from some of the energy suppliers when a switch is completed.  Not all suppliers pay us a commission; however the commissions we receive allow us to offer this service to you free of charge.  

The payment of commissions does not affect the presentation of results on our website in any way and we strictly follow the Ofgem Confidence Code guidelines: “The service provider must be independent of any gas or electricity supplier. It can take commission from suppliers but this must not influence the consistency of the provision of any information or data.”

Below is a list of suppliers who pay a commission.  Please be aware that this list can change from time to time and we will do our best to keep it up to date.

Suppliers who currently pay us a commission.

  • Co-op
  • First Utility
  • LoCo2
  • Daligas
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